Monday, October 4, 2010

iPad deployment

I got the iPad cart today and the remaining 14 iPads. I have also received much of the sound system. Lots of installation to take care of.

I synced almost all the iPads today. I put all the apps I put on the test machine. We will spend some time over the next few days learning what works.

I need to figure out the following:
  • How to use DropBox or other app to distribute and collect assignments.
  • Best way to "personalize" the iPad for the kids. It seems cumbersome to log-in to each app.
  • Stickers to label the iPads.
  • Whether we need a case for the iPad. We need to be careful putting the iPads into the Spectrum cart.
  • How to use a portfolio to collect music written in some of the sequencing apps.
  • What, if any, apps I will spend $$ on.
  • How to loan out the iPads to other classes.
That seems like enough.

My mom skyped into my 4th grade percussion lesson. That lesson has entirely too many kids in it (ten). They seemed to respond pretty well to it. Mom will follow along with the lessons as she bought sticks and a book.