Friday, May 27, 2016

Final Exam: Band and Choir

Band/Choir Final Exam  Spring 2016

Every student will complete the following exam.  We will work on this during class time and no student will be exempt.

Performance: 50 pts
Perform, record, edit, and publish a multi-part ensemble piece.  YOU will perform ALL the parts on your band instrument or voice.

  • Band choose from the following:
    • Ensemble books OR
    • one of our jazz tunes.  
  • Choir choose from the following:
    • Swingin with the Saints (12/8 section)
    • Star Spangled Banner (our 2 part arrangement)
  • Chorale choose from above OR one of the following:
    • The Climb
    • Parting Glass
  • Record using Garageband or Audacity or similar program.  I will help you get started.
  • Edit recordings, adjust balance.
  • Publish to youTube or Soundcloud.  Student must submit link on Edmodo assignment.  

Students will be judged on your tone, intonation, rhythmic accuracy, style, articulations, and attention to detail.  You will also be judged on your ability to meet deadlines and work with the technology.

Reflection: 20pts
  • Write a reflection on your career in band or choir.  What did you learn?  Please prepare this digitally and submit using Google Docs and Edmodo.  This should be 1-2 typed pages (with PARAGRAPHS).  I will save this and compile for future years.
  • This reflection could include items such as:
    • What should 8th graders know before they enter the class?
    • What do you learn in band or choir (6 rules, social, academic, musical, etc..)?  
    • What are you thankful for? What do you regret?

Sightreading: 20pts
  • All students will complete two sight-reading assessments in Smartmusic

Scales: 10pts

  • Band students will perform all major scales in one octave, all-state pattern.
  • Choir students will perform the All-State pattern scale, one octave:
    • Sopranos, Tenors: Dmaj, and high Gmaj
    • Altos, Basses: Dmaj, and low Gmaj