Sunday, January 31, 2010


So much to do. Right now I am looking at:
  • How to create a listening library for students. Naxos was recommended. I'd like a service that I can add content (like iTunes). Should I use iTunes?
  • Recording the group. I'm looking at Legacy to do this work.
  • We need to decide on a trip. Even a day trip. First I need the kids to work. Hard.
  • Curriculum, way behind, but gaining. Doing this from scratch.
  • Starting mini-performances for 4th and 5th graders. They will be going into classes to show basics of their instrument and to play a few tunes.
  • 1st annual state elementary honors choir is coming. Still no music or info received...
Talked with a former director of this school at All-States this weekend. Left in 2001. he had certainly done the work. We agree where the issues are. Now what?

The kids are learning more than they realize. I hope they are ready for a big push. We must move forward.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

File Storage

Will the fact that we can now upload any files to Google Docs change how we organize our music for our programs. How will we deal with the copyright and publishing issues (is this a Napster alert?)?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


For years my exams in performance classes has been students performing the All-State audition. Prepared piece, sight-reading, scales. I plan on continuing that in the future.

However, for this exam I tried to push our work online. I have moved from a 1-1 class in the computer lab to a classroom with no computers. I have become friends with the copy machine again. I need to get my students online and producing work.

So I wrote a new exam. Students will create a two minute video based on topics we covered during the semester. I'm hoping to do three things:
  1. Have students perform. Work will be saved online, creating a portfolio.
  2. Have students create a product and get it done on time.
  3. Have students evaluate other work.
Will it work? Not sure yet.