Tuesday, October 19, 2010

iPads and Confidence

Frasier Speirs is way ahead of me. He has a whole school working on a 1-1 iPad deployment. That has to be cool. Working by myself its been hard to get everything working, installed, and deployed. Yes, I could use a few more hands.

Today Frasier wrote a very interesting post about how the iPad is changing learning in his school. Profound changes are obviously happening. For example, we are doing workshops right now about reading strategies and note taking. When I pull out the iPad many minds get blown. There is no question the adults in the building are having trouble with that and expect me to use a pencil and paper.

But the students? They seem to be growing in confidence. Especially in theory where the musictheory.net (in HTML5!!) has been a rather constant companion. Students are able to practice, get instant feedback, and design their own exercises. Yes, students are directing their learning.