Sunday, August 5, 2018

Always on My Mind

I am not trying to post things that are perfect.  I recognize that I am in the beginning stages. This recording has a few slip ups in it.   I wanted to post a song that had more than 3-4 chord changes.  I struggled with the D chord and the strumming pattern--I am trying to do triplets.

Pretty shocking that I am three weeks away from an elementary school gig.  I really still have little to no idea what to do.  I imagine I know more than I think but I also feel I really need to teach a few classes to see how the pacing goes.  I need to get a ton of tiny activities ready for the little ones.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Learning Journey

I am trying to hard to write (sometimes I forget) and to document my learning journey and the ukulele.  The recent addition of the concert uke has helped and I have been playing about an hour per day.

I am working on my strumming.  I still struggle with learning tunes.  I don't know if that is part of my stroke deficit or if I just can't do it.  I could never memorize choir songs either.  I still don't think I could confidently sing the National Anthem without the words in front of me.  Verbal recall definitely a problem.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Kala KS-15 Concert

I bought a new Kala Concert KS-15.  It is basically the same as the KS-15S that I bought for school but much easier to play with the bigger size.  I don't yet feel comfortable buying a more expensive version of the instrument.  The Kala discounts for educators are very cool by the way.

I have gotten pretty comfortable with the "basic" playing on the ukulele.  I still struggle with the "exotic" chords but I can do the pretty basic ones.  My strumming is getting a little more natural.  I have been working a lot from Doctor Uke which has a TON of songs, almost all with audio attached and the Uke Tenor youtube page 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Over the Rainbow

In Over the Rainbow I added an Em chord and I am trying to get the upbeat feel on the strumming.  This is clearly a work in progress.  I almost get it some of the time...

Yesterday I visited by colleague at the other elementary school in town and she has promised to share resources with me.  That will be a huge help.  The most important thing I need is some organization and she will share her scope and sequence.  Then I can start learning tunes, methods, games, etc...

Lots to do!!

Comments welcome.

Monday, June 18, 2018

You are My Sunshine

So I took Friday-Sunday off as I visited my mom and went to Molly's soccer tournament.  Yes, they allow ukuleles in Pennsylvania, I just did not bring one...

So I am trying to get my right hand moving a bit and learn some more songs.  I choose You are My Sunshine which seems to be a song students learn how to sing, and maybe we can get them to sing and play.

Its not in this song but I am trying to change my G fingering to the "proper" way.  I think that is why my G7 is now getting confused.

I tried a few patterns on the right hand.  I definitely struggle with the offbeat feel.  I can do it without singing, but the singing throws me off a bit.  Will improve with practice.

I hope to continue to post my progress (or lack of...) and welcome comments and ideas.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Let it Be

I got some advice from Chris Russell to use my index finger to strum and to hold my right hand farther up the neck.  I struggle with the G chord (3 fingers...) and I see different fingerings out there for that chord.

I have been using the Roadie Tuner which was expensive but is pretty cool.  I hope it lasts!

I am transitioning slowly out of the high school.  I have had my last class and I am packing up.  Not easy!

Here is Day 2 of Let it Be.  Advice welcome.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Ukulele Day 2

We received 60 Kala 15-S.  I think they are set-up pretty good, but I am pretty ignorant.  I have been benefitting from my friend  Chris Russell who I wish lived closer.  I need to find Abe Deshotel or someone to get me a lesson.

I have been trying to practice each day and "learn" a new song.  I had a stroke in 2010 and I am finding the Ukulele might be good for my right hand (which struggles on piano).  But, also my brain malfunctions a bit.  I find a play much better at home (no distractions) than at school.  You will notice I have minor pauses in the video.

I also have to start to figure out how to find my initial pitch.  I settled in, but I need to play my starting pitch before I start, which I naturally do on piano.

Anyway, I'm trying to wrap my head around elementary school.  This was my last day of class (still have exams) after 26 years at high school.  I hope to learn a lot on this journey and be able to share it.

Let it Be has four chords.  I still struggle a bit with G.  I keep wanting to play G7 (which is a bit easier to finger).  I also get confused between Am and F which are very similar.

Be nice (I'm trying)....