Friday, June 21, 2013


Last year I paid $248 to Smartmusic for educator subscription plus 3 additional machines.

Smartmusic really hyped the iPad deployment of their software.  To put it on the same machines, plus iPads would run me over $1000.

Yes, I'm disappointed.  I was really hoping to use Smartmusic on the machines.  Having a "checkout system" where students would take the iPads home to complete assessments could really help.  If I renew I think I will have to limit it to 1-2 iPads.

I get the revenue model.  Smartmusic needs to pay royalty each time we play a tune.  But....frustrated.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Choir Activity

This is an activity we did in class yesterday.  Each student chooses their own path to get to 100 points.  It is an opportunity to assess many different standards in an informal, quick way.


Teacher must initial all sections to earn points. This is a test grade.  Work fast.

1. Review and sing Per La Gloria with proper attention, posture, vocal technique (20 pts) ___

2. Use back of the paper to prepare a sample 4-5 song spring choir program.  Following should be considered:
  • Contrasting pieces with educational value (i.e. teach different rhythms, vocal range, etc..)
  • One piece must be a patriotic or standard choral repertoire piece.
  • One piece should be in a language other than English
Use the site as a reference.  (40 pts) ______

3. Play Row, Row , Row your Boat on Ukulele while singing (20 pts) ________

4. Play an F major scale on the upright piano (5pts) ______________

5. Sing the 2 part Star Spangled Banner correctly for teacher (30 pts)_______

6. Play the melody of Star Spangled Banner (first verse) on iPad piano.  Hint: it starts sol-mi-do-mi-sol. (20 pts) ___________

7. Draw/Create an SHS Choir Logo using the iPad (10pts) ______

8.  Play Piano Games or Dust Buster for 10 minutes.  Show teacher (5 pts) __________

9. Go to youtube.  Watch one tiny desk concert (only first full song) of a band/vocalist you have never heard of. Watch with headphones on.  Describe to teacher (15 pts) _________

10.  Work hard.  Don’t be annoying.  Stay appropriately quiet. (10 pts) ________

11. Know Mr. Schneider’s birthday.  Write it here ______________  (5pts) ________

12. Name all seven people who got pins at the Tri-M ceremony on Monday (5pts) ____

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Leadership Test

Tomorrow is our annual "Trills and Thrills" trip where we get adjudicated in the morning and then head to our local theme park for the afternoon.

It is also the day that a Tropical Storm arrives in Connecticut.

Leadership test.  Perfect.