Thursday, June 11, 2015

Final Project

As our final project in Band I assigned students the following:

Perform, record, edit, and publish a multi-part ensemble piece.  This piece must contain at least three parts (trio), and can have up to 5 parts (quintet).  You will perform all the parts on your band instrument.

  • Choose song from ensemble books.  I recommend the quartet books we have been using.  Percussion: I would choose a percussion ensemble piece or drumline song.
  • Practice.
  • Record using Garageband.  I will help you get started.
  • Edit recordings, adjust balance.
  • Publish to youTube or Soundcloud.  If you publish to your account, send me the link.  

Students will be judged on your tone, intonation, rhythmic accuracy, style, articulations, and attention to detail.  You will also be judged on your ability to meet deadlines and work with the technology.

Here are some examples of student work: