Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Whats on my iPad so far?

We are no way close to running at full steam, but I wanted to get some notes put up about iPad apps. Here is the list of what I am using so far. All of these are free (or have free versions).

  • Mail: The mail on iPad is very easy to use. I really prefer it for checking mail. For more intense function of searching or composing serious messages it is a little tough.
  • Safari: Works well. I like the Chrome like function that displays all the pages. This makes it very easy for classes to go to the right spot quickly.
  • Maps/Google Earth: Great to have and very intuitive on the touchscreen. When was the last time a kid opened a paper map?
  • Calendar: Haven't used it yet.
  • Google functions: Very easy to view google docs, reader, calendar. Can't edit google docs yet.
  • Dropbox: Stores folders and documents for class. I set up an individual account and a class account. This seems to be integrated into a lot of other apps.
  • USA Today: I don't love this. But the crossword puzzle on the iPad is pretty cool and very easy to use. Could be a great way to introduce puzzles to kids.
  • NY Times Editors Choice: This app only includes the top 5-6 stories as choosen by the editors. But it does include video segments that are often hidden on the main site. This is a great way to get kids reading about the Arts. "What is the top Arts story today"? You can access the full edition through Safari.
  • iBooks and Kindle: I haven't bought any books, but I did download several free books. Very easy to use. I could see how a class/library could build quite a collection.
  • Virtuoso Piano: Very easy to use. Great for practicing basic scales or for learning choir parts.
  • Beatwave: Very simple visual sequencer. You can create 4 layers and you simply press dots to create your music. I'm not sure of the point of a lot of these. This is the best of the ones I have seen.
  • Soundhound: Freaky amazing. This is the app that blows people's minds.
  • Twitter: By far my favorite way to read/check twitter. Not as useful during "power use" time like for musedchat. But so easy to see links, tweets, etc...Can easily switch back and forth between accounts. A must have.
  • NPR News and Music: Close to perfect. Great way to catch up on news or favorite programs. I think the NPR music app is the best way to find new artists to listen to. I think this app is essential for class.
  • Netflix and ABC player: I am trying real hard to get the filter to unblock Netflix. There is so much content on there. All of those old Miles Davis TV shows, Leonard Bernsteins young people concerts, and much more. To be able to walk around the room with a TV in your hand is amazing. Think of how you could hand the "TV" to a kid and say "sit over there and watch Miles for awhile".
  • AirGuitar: It works, but I dont get it.
  • Radio.com: This is really cool. Great thing to listen to news and music from around the country and globe. Works astonishingly well.
  • Evernote: Everyone seems to use this. I havent quite figured out the best way. The app is very easy to use.
  • Labyrinth and Angry Birds: Fun games. Check out the Angry Birds physics lesson.
  • JamPad: Piano with a bit of synth and loops. Have to check it out more.
  • Nike Team: Worth checking out. Really cool for soccer teams. Hoping other sports to follow. Or for band?? Connects videos to drills to assessment.
  • Toy Story: Awesome. Must have. Great example to show how literacy and writing has changed. Hold up a typed MSWord version and then the app. We need to teach this.
  • Yahoo Sportacular: Very easy to use when tracking multiple games. I use this a lot.
  • Dragon Dictation: This works great. I can see many uses for this in the classroom.
  • Metronome: Very simple and straightforward. I like that you can watch the arm swing.
  • Guardian Eyewitness: One amazing photograph per day. Great for warm-up activities. "What song goes with this picture"?
  • 3D Brain: Pretty cool. I could see how 3D is much better than 2D for this stuff.
  • Weatherbug: The best place to get your weather. No question.
  • Groovemaker: Works pretty good to develop some loops and grooves. Have to spend more time with this to figure out how to load more loops and sounds.
  • History Maps: What did Europe look like when Mozart was travelling as a prodigy? Cool app for that stuff.
  • Rj Voyager: Visual sequencer. I admit I cant figure this one out.
  • Epicurious: Easy to use recipe interface. Works great.
  • Smartnote: There is a lot of stuff on this. I wrote about it here.
I have a few more, but I'm tired of typing. I'll add more later.