Thursday, October 14, 2010

Music Theory Exam = Progress

We had our first theory exam. I have been writing about this class a fair amount. It is mostly seniors. Most are semi-musicians, but none have been in any HS ensembles, and few were in MS ensembles. This is the "iPad class".

We have been basically setting up an AP Theory structure. September was about basic vocabulary ("This is a treble clef"), starting dictation, introducing the piano, singing and writing basic solfeg. All the basics of Chapter 1 and 2 AP Theory.

They did pretty well on their test. I had about half of the class score around a 90 which means they didn't really miss any of the components. Nobody got below a 59. Now, that 59 was a GREAT score as most of the students would have scored a zero on the test before the class started.

We have been using noteflight,, the iPads, and plenty of discussion to reinforce things. Now that they have some basic vocabulary we can finally start analyzing and building songs. I hope it works.