Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter 2014-15

Probable Winter Concert repertoire.

SHS Band

  1. Star Spangled Banner………………………………...………..arr Michael Sweeney
  2. Disco Lives………………………………………………………….…….arr. Johnnie Vinson
  3. A Closer Walk With Thee………………………..…...adapted by Michael Brown
  4. Ammerland……………………………………………………………………....Jacob de Haan
  5. All About the Blues…………………………………………………………...…….Peter Blair

SHS Choir:
 1.    Adoramus Te…………………….………….…...Palestrina, arr. Russell Robinson
 2.    Ave Maria……………………………..………….....Arcadelt, arr. Russell Robinson
 3.    Homeward Bound……………………………….....Marta Keen, arr. Jay Althouse
  1. One Note Samba………………………….……..A.C. Jobim, arr Roger Emerson
  2. Afternoon on a Hill.................................................Neil Ginsberg

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Annie Evaluation

Annie was a success


I learned a lot about myself and others by doing Annie


The best performance was

Thursday dress00%

I now understand what it takes to put on a HS play.


I think SHS should do a musical every year.


Thursday, September 25, 2014


We are doing Annie and I assigned everyone to write the backstory of their character.  Where were they born?  What makes them tick?  I hope to publish all of them on a bulletin board and put a few in the Playbill.

Kate came to the orphanage when she was four years old. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Williams, had been higher middle class, and had died from the flu. Since Kate had no other family besides her baby sister, social services had no choice but to put Kate in Ms. Hannigan's home and her sister Carrie in a different home for younger children. Kate wants to be a journalist when she gets older, as well as be adopted and reunite with her sister. She also wants to live in the countryside.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


We have a few new additions to the SHS Band.  We added two flute players, a sax, trombone, percussion, and two clarinets.  We also have a beginner trumpet.

I was happy with our first day reading.  Now, we have a long way to go, but we READ the music.  We played the tune.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Google Classroom

I was able to get a preview of Google Classroom  and in the beta form it looks MUCH easier to work with than the old method of assigning folders.

When you can assign, comment, grade, and review all from one portal.  It shows who has turned in and all the normal google stuff is there.  It is basically on top of the Google Drive structure.

I wish it had more of a messaging capability and some of Edmodo's quiz and poll stuff.  I also wish we could get some iTunesU content involved.  Until then I think I need a melding of all three.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Model Assessments

Have you done the model assessments or something similar?  I do think this is an important area.  I imagine some districts use this.

It would be nice to have a system of sharing this data.

Friday, June 20, 2014


It will be Annie!  November 20 and 21, 2014.

Things I Did This Year

This year:

We performed more.

  • Debarber Dedication
  • ACDA Conference
  • CMEA Auditions
  • Christmas Carols
  • Winter Concert
  • CMEA Regionals
  • All-State Auditions
  • UConn Band Festival
  • Seussical!
  • Talent Show
  • Valley Arts Festival
  • Spring Concert
  • Trills and Thrills
  • HALOs
  • Tri-M Recital
I collected more data:
  • Over 1800 recorded assessments in Smartmusic
  • Outside evaluations:
    • Trills and Thrills
    • CMEA
    • HALOs
  • Edmodo quizzes and reflections
We improved:
  • Freshman choir and band moved two full years forward (Level 1 to Level 3)
  • Average student sight-reading moved from Level .5 to Level 2
We achieved:
  • Four HALO nominations.  One win.
  • Two students accepted to Southern Regional Choir
  • Festival Rating:
    • Choir--Superior
    • Band--Excellent

Thursday, June 12, 2014







I learned a lot this year.

Strongly Agree2341%
Strongly Disagree00%

I improved this year.

Strongly Agree2239%
Strongly Disagree00%

I worked hard this year.

Strongly Agree2341%
Strongly Disagree00%

My sight-reading improved this year

Strongly Agree1323%
Strongly Disagree00%

This ensemble improved this year.

Strongly Agree2443%
Strongly Disagree00%

I am proud of the work we have done

Strongly Agree2545%
Strongly Disagree00%

Mr. Schneider challenges me to improve.

Strongly Agree2545%
Strongly Disagree00%

Mr. Schneider cares about the ensemble.

Strongly Agree3257%
Strongly Disagree00%

I improved most on

Work Ethic916%

There are clear expectations in this class.

Strongly Agree2748%
Strongly Disagree00%

My favorite memory of this year is...

Seussical, it was really fun. Going on the lake compounce trip The winter concert Are last concert at the school Defiantly seussical. It brought us closer as a class and a family, we all put our hardest effort in it and it was a wonderful expirence. My favorite memory was working on anything you can do for the talent show because it was fun to see the energy put forward. It was also fun to learn the words. Going to lake compounce My favorite memory is hands down Seussical! It was the best thing we accomplished and I miss it so much. Suessical Singing in the dark' when we went to lake compuce Seussical CMEA's and Trills & Thrills! Seussical. Choir Olympics- I say that because we all just let loose and enjoyed our selfs not only that but that day we all showed great sportsmanship no matter if we lost or won and that to me is what fun really stands for My favorite memory of the year was the suessical because that's when most people had became one and bonded. It's also my favorite memory because we wittnes people come out of their shell and show the true them which was a great experience. Going to lake compounds and mr. Schneider pretending to call my parents because I was late to the check in My favorite memory of the year is when we all went to the halo awards. My favorite memory of this year is doing Seussical and going to Lake Compounce. I have never done a musical, and Seussical taught me how to work as a group. I liked Lake Compounce because I had a lot of fun with my friends and it felt like a reward for all the hard work we all did in Choir. Doing seussical and being able to go to the halo awards. It was a learning experience and also really fun. The trills and thrills frild tripHaving aiden count us off for a song and my unconttrolble laughter My favorite memory has to be when the group of us had gone to the Vally Honors Choir because it was a grand experience for me working with someone of our 'leaders' talent. Lake Compounce.... I enjoyed the Trills and Thrills trip because we got to see an objective view of how well we did, and then we got to have fun. When we went to perform in front of judges to see how good we were. Lake compounce Lake compounce Probably the UCONN trip. It was an awesome experience to play with such a large group of people and I definitely learned a lot from the time there. On the field trip Mr. Schneider rode a marry-go-round with my group. I also liked using all different kinds of percussion instruments. (I got stronger, I used to feel faint after using cymbals, now I can play two songs in a row with them) The suessical it was my favorite part of this year. Lake compounds Preforming at the trills and thrills trip it was exciting to perform for the judges and preform our music twice and the drum line at the talent show was fun to do especially since most of us don't play precussion. Lake compoundsChristmas concert Playing in the 1st chair festival at Uconn Is when we did suessical. The trills and thrills trip The night of Seussical. It was a great learning experience for everyone involved. My favorite memory of the year had to be when we did the talent show. Lake compounce. This was an amazing day because I got to spend time with all my friends and we all just had fun The movie nights. Those were really fun (the times people pitched together and brought food). Enjoying a day at lake compounce with my friends. Also learning traits about new people. SeussicalMy favorite memory of this year is when

My favorite song from this year (solo, small group, or ensemble)

Amazing Mayzie My solo popular Al Slosha Somawazga O stifun mungu Adoramouste Solla sellow O sifuni Mungu FanfareNiska O sufini mungu Al shlo sha Bohemin rhapsody Beh O sifuni mongu O sifuni mungu I Get A Kick Out of You Suessical songs Oh The Thinks You Can Think How Lucky You Are St. Petersburg March Oh sufini Bohemian rhapsody Stone Mountain StompI get a kick out of you beauty school drop out Somagaza O Sifuni Mungu Bohemian rhapsody Ahrirang Home Oh the thinks you can think fanfare Solla Sollew O Sufini Mungu Oh sifuni mungu St. Petersburg March Niska Banja Niska Banja Niska banja Korean Rhapsody Korean folk rhapsody Ahrirang Hill Ahri rhang Oh the Thinks you can Think O Sifuni Bohemian Rhapsody Solla sollew o shifuni mungu Seasons of Love

Please include any other year end thoughts, suggestions, praise for fellow students, etc...

For next year remember the advice and leadership lessons from the departing seniors. Almost everyone put in a lot of effort and was determined, so they will all do well next year, though we might need to be challenged more. my favorite song is fix you Nothing that I can think of at the moment. I enjoyed when we played our old music from the last concert that was fun and it brought back memories on how we strived to get better and we really did improve as a band. I belive Gurman,marissa, ceecee, Taylor were a big part of getting work done and getting everybody to do what they were sopposed too. It was fun Dont really know It was nice to see everyone work together all the time for performances. I will join again next year because mr Schneider pushes me to my limits and challenges me and I like that. I like playing in band but it's a lot of work and I feel we sometimes get pushed a little too hard I suggest we spend a little more time on the play and maybe invest a little bit more in main character's roles costumes more. Our singing has improved so far and it can only go up, except for when the new freshman come in because they need to improve just like we did. Thank you for teaching me music I think everyone improved in one way or another I think everyone deserves a little praise for the work we have done all year. Each person put some sort of effort into Seussical and even made our concerts (including Halos and other festivals) special. This was a great year and I had so much fun in choir. Doing the suessical made us like one big family. I enjoyed my time in choir and I'm kinda sad that it's over! This class became like my second family, and I made amazing friends along the way. This year was amazing and we all were able to accomplish so much. We were able to do a play and get a nomination to go to the halo awards which is something I think we are all proud of. I think everyone should retake choir next year because they all had fun. Also it's a great experience to have, you also learn to work with other people. The lake compounce trip and I loved doing the musical this year it was really fun and I hope we do one next year It was a good year I really loved the fact that when we started off back in August we were just another choir class who didn't even bother to know each others name. As the days passed we slowly but surely started to interact and depend on people to do what they needed to do. Now we're here and we're not just a boring choir class anymore. We're all family. I think this year was fun and we should keep doing things like plays, musicals, and trips. They are things that we will. Remember when looking back at our highschool years Wduring rehearsals no ine should talk because that got me like really mad the most. But, at the beginning of the year I used to talk to my friends but then I noticed how important it was not to talk I just wish others would realize too. I am happy that I took this class all four years because I enjoyed it. It was fun making new friends and creating a small family. This class taught me a lot about music. So Thank you Mr. Schneider. Thank you for Challenging us in the work we do and helping us to improve with our work ethics I've learned a lot this year and have improved. I love playing my instrument even more now. This year went well had a lot of fun. I'll miss how close we all got, choir this year wasn't just a class where we sung songs and got graded, no we became something bigger we became a choir family where there was no I in team I think we should do more upbeat and modern songs so more people enjoy and join chorus. Even though I can't do chorus next year, I'll be more than happy to come and help out with Annie. I like doing the musicals but I don't really like singing songs that aren't English. How are we suppose to carry emotion through the song if we have no idea what they mean. Just enjoy the ride On the days we take the benchmark recordings, hold a warmup session, even is not everyone is recording that day. Those help a lot. I think that many people put forth a lot of effort this year and will be valuable to the choir in the years coming. This choir is going far. Is growing each and every day with talent and skill. I see great things in the future. :) No seussical practice after school

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I believe I am moving towards my teacher evaluation goal of improving technique and improving sight-reading.

I have data of students using Smartmusic and I have been scoring a rubric at least twice per marking period.  In general, I think the data is valid.  At least the trends seem to be correct.  I also notice we are reading much better in class.  About twenty percent of kids are nailing it, and about twenty percent of kids are completely lost.  When we do things in class I think many of those "lost" kids are finding their way.

Does anyone know of a "valid" data device for sight-reading?  Reading teachers have the DRA or similar tests.  Do we have one for band/choir?

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I have written before about grades.  Our faculty is currently struggling with what a grade means.  Is it a measure of mastery, compliance, or behavior?

I would love a system that did away with grades all together.  I do not feel the grade is a measure of our learning.  This fall I did a badge system in freshman seminar and did not grades.  I'm not convinced that system is any better.  While it removed grades as a "carrot/stick" it really just replaced it with badges.

If you have a grading theory that you like please post a link.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hip Hop Project


1. Creating a youTube "Favorites" playlist.
  • Sign in to youtube using your google/youtube account.  If you do not have an account (most of you do) then create one.  Remember to sign out at end of class!!!!
  • Create a playlist called "Hip-Hop Favorites".  To create a new playlist click the share button on the video and "Create New Playlist".  Once you create playlist you will use same button to just add videos to it.
  • You can only include TEN videos in playlist.  These will be your TEN FAVORITE hip hop songs.  Not nine, not eight, not eleven.  Ten.
  • Try to include songs that are creative enough that they aren't one long swear word marathon.
  • Share playlist with class through Edmodo.
  • Sign out of youtube!!

2. Create a flow chart of one of the following classic hip-hop tunes.  Most of you will use pencil/paper to do this.  Some of these are LONG.  You don't have to flow chart the entire song.  Check with me as you create.  Its fine to work with a partner as long as you both work.
  • "Rapper's Delight" - Sugar Hill Gang
  • "The Message" - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
  • "Wild Wild West" - Kool Moe Dee
  • "Fight for Your Rght" - Beastie Boys
  • "Can I Kick It?" - A Tribe Called Quest
  • "King of Rock" - Run DMC

3. Watch one of the following hip hop movies.  Please realize there are some "bad words" in these movies. When done write a short reflection about the movie in an edmodo note to the class.
  • "Style Wars".  This is a very important documentary.  You will see a lot of important artists when they were very young.  It was made in 1982 so the styles are different.  You will learn a lot about teenagers and their music.
  • "Scratch". Documentary about early hip hop history and DJing.  Some of these people became very famous, some are "behind the scenes".  Hip hop started with DJs.
  • "The Art of the 16 Bars".  This movie is more for the hard core.  It is easy to follow but they go deep into the art of the rhyme and analysis of the MC.

Optional/Choice (must do at least one):

1. Add a rhyme to your soundcloud account.  
2. Create a graffiti tag portfolio using the iPad and your evernote account.
3. Make a "how to" video to post to youtube of one of the following:
  • Hip hop dance moves.
  • How to draw your name hip hop style.
  • How to use garageband to create a recording.
4. Create something (hip-hop style) really cool and share it with the class.