Thursday, September 30, 2010

UConn visit

Today I gave a lecture at the University of Connecticut to Dr. Young's technology class. This is a class of 3rd years (I think....) entering the school of music education's program. It was a class of about 15 kids.

I arrived late. The weather was nasty and I had no idea where to park. I have rarely been at UConn when it is in full session and it was humming.

We talked a lot about how mobile technology can restructure the power structure in a class. Band/choir has been a very traditional class structure where the director holds all the power. To be able to hand around an iPad for students to listen/research/record/create can be a very powerful technique. We explored ways to alter lessons for elementary, middle and high school classes.

I thought it went pretty well. I had hoped to have iPads in their hands but they haven't been released from our tech office (Day 17 if you are counting).

The best part may have been lunch. I stopped in Rocky Hill on the way back and ate at a Mexican restaurant. How it changes your day to be able to have a real lunch. I still finished in 25 minutes, but what a sanity break. I wish we could do that more. Sometimes we forget what the rest of the world looks like outside of our bell-driven institutionalized walls.