Wednesday, June 14, 2017

AP Music

I have tried (and failed) for the last six years to get an AP Music theory class approved.  Many students have asked for the class.  Finally, I decided I would run an AP "study group".   We would buy the book, purchase Musition/Auralia, meet occasionally and hope for the best.  I told the students we would run most assignments through their participation in band and choir.

I was pleasantly surprised that 11 (maybe 12?) students agreed to start the process.  I have done a lot of ARE YOU SURE??? but they haven't bailed yet.  I'm excited that so many students have decided to try.

Here is my Day 1 assignment:

Day 1 Assignment:

  1. Have binder set -up.
    1. Notes
    2. Chapter Outlines
    3. Handouts
    4. Dictation
    5. Sight-singing
    6. Scores/Music
  2. Have pencils and highlighter.  Have a great eraser--you will erase A LOT.
  3. Attend session during exam.
  4. Complete pre-assessments in Musition and Aurelia
  5. Create outline for Chapter 1 in textbook.
    1. This is for study purposes.  You will do for each chapter.
    2. Complete assessment at end of chapter.
      1. Do first without checking book/answers.
  6. Subscribe to AP Music Listening and AP Theory Videos on youtube
  7. Practice sight singing on SRF.
    1. Please log in and practice.
    2. Minimum level: Be able to sing 8 measure exercise at Level 1
  8. Bookmark our site (not sure how I will use this yet).
  9. Basic piano practice sheet.
    1. All 12 major scales (do-sol-do), arpeggio, chord
    2. All 12 minor scales (do-sol-do), arpeggio, chord
    3. Easy songs handout

When you are confident in this assignment OR you have a question/difficulty please fill out this form.