Tuesday, July 31, 2012

140edu notes

How to share with peop,e that aren't connected?

Eric sheninger. Being connected has saved me a substantial amount of time. Information is waiting for me, the network does the work.

Education can be a lonely place for innovators.
Makes the world a smaller place.

Tom Whitby. Collaboration is changing. helps to decide what's good and what real.

Jenn Swanson. I'm unconvinced that we are communicating any better. Majority of students have not considered how they communicate. How to answer the phone, how to take a message. Social smarts. People who succeed in life can play well with others.

Adam bellow. School, sucks the love out of learning.
Find video for this.

Brian Marnix. Must establish trust in the classroom. Give real input to students. Teacher must surrender all that makes you comfortable.

Dean shareski. The opportunity for deep learning wasn't there. Isolation. Blogging allowed deep reflection with trusted colleagues. Lesson planning and blogging should become tangled up-Dan Meyer. As educators we get caught up in finished product. We aren't magicians. We need to do a better job of explaining our craft. I've yet to hear anyone frame the word accountability in positive terms, distrust is an expensive vice.

If we create cultures of trust accountability is built in. Sometimes we forget about teacher inquiry. Only obligation should be sharing. We have an obligation to extend that beyond local. Where do you make time for deep reflection? How do leaders honors teacher sense of responsibility?

Eric sheninger. Anywhere anytime learning. We've all been a part of bad professional developement. Like herding cattle. Everyone in same direction learning same thing. Or herding cats, we don't really know what we are doing. Being forced to learn what other haven determined is important. What about what I feel has value?

Money drives professional development. Time is one of the biggest excuses for not getting better. Summer provides one of the best times for learning. Why do some instructions rely on one size fits all that puts us to sleep?

Have to have passion for professional development. I have wthe ability to learn what I want when I want. Professional development powered by you. The way we do that is through social media. What about differentiated learning for educators?

We should be modeling life long learning through our social networks. Information flow becomes two way.


I'm 1/4 of the way through the 140edu conference. A few observations:

1. There is a lot of mental firepower in the room.
2. The emphasis seems to be moving towards personalization of professional development. Something we do not have in many schools.
3. I would love to have the chance to work some of these people. No question that they take chances.


I'm at 140edu conference which seems to have every one who is in my twitter feed in one room. I'm pretty excited to see how well these folks present.

I'm also excited to have some food and try the pod51 hotel.