Saturday, May 7, 2011

Talent Show

We had a very successful talent show last night.  This was the first talent show at SHS.  We raised $800 for the music department.  Here are some thoughts:

1. We had a lot of faculty step up and help.  I counted eleven faculty in the audience or helping back stage.
2. We had students willing and able to help take tickets, work lights, move equipment.
3. All acts were good.  We took 2/3 of the acts that auditioned.
4. $5 was the right admission price.  We didn't work too hard on presale.  We could definitely sell out.

A few things need to change:
1. We have very little cables, microphones, etc...
2. Our lights need a serious overhaul.  They are pointed in all sorts of directions.
3. We need to encourage comedy, dance, theater acts to perform.

Most of all the students made it easy.  They had their acts ready.