Monday, May 9, 2011

Some New (and old...) iPad Apps for the Classroom

Here are the top iPad apps I have been using lately.


Soundprism: Free.  Great visualizer, great sound.  Tried it today with 8 ipads at once.
Garageband: Love it.
Flipboard: Free.  I get most of my information from flipboard.  For some reason I didn't respond well to this when it first came out.
Keynote:  $9.99. Been using this for developing presentations.  Just have iPad version.  Only rough thing is building photo library on iPad.  Works very easily.
Show of Hands: Free.  Fun diversion.  Take a simple poll question and it shows you how each state has voted on the question and how age, gender, or party has different statistics.  Great discussion opener.
AutoCAD WS: Free.  This is very cool accompaniment to the very expensive CAD program.  It works great.  You can really manipulate the drawings with your fingers.  Cool to play with.
Nota: 99 cents. Great music theory tool.  Lots of drills and information.
Planetary: Free. Fun visualizer for your iPad music library.
Verbally: Free. Game changer for SPED students.  Must have.

Old Favorites:

NPR: Free. Still the best.  So much about music and arts.  Can listen to all of their shows or find live stream. Free. I use this when I'm working.  Try to listen to different region, country, genre each day.
YouTube: "How do I do....." "Here check youTube."
Netflix:  Free, with subscription. Last night I'm not feeling well.  Cue up netflix and watch a movie in bed.  Amazing.  But they have a TON of content for schools!  Check it out.  Of course, its blocked in most places.  Keep fighting!
TED: Free. They have added a search box.  Works much better than before.  Has all the talks.

Things I've had to give up:

NYTimes:  This is tough.  I used to read most of the paper.  I just cant pay for it.