Friday, May 20, 2011

Concert Reflection

Some quotes from our concert reflection:

I've learned that practicing for the songs is great preparation for the concert. I also learned that if you let your nerves get to you then you won't be able to focus on breathing or hitting the notes.

I have learned to learn parts on my own. I learned to be a better leader and teaching the younger kids their part. I also learned to brethe better so that my voice isn't tired at the end.

This concert taught me the benefits of really focusing during a performance. The entire week before the concert I was a little worried because during rehearsal we would sometimes lose our focus and make stupid mistakes. We always had the potential to sound great but it required 100% effort from everyone. The night of the concert I was amazed to everyone fully focused on the music and the conductor. This paid off because we sounded the best we ever have!