Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hospital. Again.

I got a nice ambulance ride again yesterday.  I was noticing my brain shutting down around 7:30am (I even posted about here) and it kept getting worse.  I visited the school nurse and my blood pressure was way high and that kind of set everyone off.  It came down about 90 minutes later.

We haven't figured out whats wrong with me yet.  Twenty-two days until elementary concert.  Yes, I'm excited to get there this year.

I went to the psychiatrist last week.  They worry about PTSD with stroke victims.  She said I was remarkably stable.  Most 40 year olds that have strokes think the sky is falling.  I thought that was good news.

The nice people at Blue Cross are VERY interested in keeping me out of the hospital at this point.

I know what sets me off.  My brain can not handle change right now.  A kid walking in late, a fire drill, an email at the wrong time and my brain can't bounce back.  And I really cant talk on the phone.  I've learned to limit the distractions.