Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Concert Prep

Last night on twitter was a #musedchat about concert preparation.  How to choose music, plan your rehearsals, etc...

I find traditional concert prep very challenging here.  At the high school level I do not have a core group yet.  Every quality ensemble has a core group that can absolutely be counted on to learn their parts.  We aren't there yet.  I have to do most of the practicing for them.  Thats changing, but its a long process.

What percentage of bands/choirs in USA are true ensembles and what percentage are basically "learn by rote" groups?

At the elementary school its just plain old lack of time.  I have three band rehearsals this MONTH before the concert on May 25.  That makes it impossible to get any sort of rhythm going.

We are doing much harder music this year in all groups.  We added a music theory performance class.  The elementary band is playing twice as much music.  I know we are learning a lot about how to perform, act like a professional, and enjoy the music.

Sometimes I feel like I'm holding it together with bailing twine.  I know this is a process that takes years to develop.  It took me six years at Derby.  We'll get there.