Monday, May 23, 2011

iPad Exploration

Put in your headphones.

Don’t ask me questions about how to do something: Figure it out!!

1. Make a short movie in Puppet Pals HD.
2. Make a pot.
3. Read the top story on the NY Times.
4. Play with the cell in 3D cell. Recall what the cell structures are called.
5. Play Speed GeoLite until you get good at it..
6. Find the Egyptian Pyramids in Google Earth. This will take some thinking.
7. Listen/sing to Amazing Grace on PraiseHymns.
8. Draw your name in Doodle Buddy. Make it pretty.
9. Check the weather in WeatherBug.
10. Look at the pictures of the day in Guardian Eyewitness.
11. What is the atomic mass of Carbon? Use the periodic table.
12. In Google Translate be able to say “My name is ….. “ in 3 different languages.
13. In Wolfram Alpha solve for Y in the equation 3x+2y=6
14. Search for Paris in Wikipanion. Explore.
15. Draw a picture of a sunny day in Draw.
16. Call another iPad using Skype.
17. Play along to “Summer Sounds” in Barrel Tones.