Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Ukulele Day 2

We received 60 Kala 15-S.  I think they are set-up pretty good, but I am pretty ignorant.  I have been benefitting from my friend  Chris Russell who I wish lived closer.  I need to find Abe Deshotel or someone to get me a lesson.

I have been trying to practice each day and "learn" a new song.  I had a stroke in 2010 and I am finding the Ukulele might be good for my right hand (which struggles on piano).  But, also my brain malfunctions a bit.  I find a play much better at home (no distractions) than at school.  You will notice I have minor pauses in the video.

I also have to start to figure out how to find my initial pitch.  I settled in, but I need to play my starting pitch before I start, which I naturally do on piano.

Anyway, I'm trying to wrap my head around elementary school.  This was my last day of class (still have exams) after 26 years at high school.  I hope to learn a lot on this journey and be able to share it.

Let it Be has four chords.  I still struggle a bit with G.  I keep wanting to play G7 (which is a bit easier to finger).  I also get confused between Am and F which are very similar.

Be nice (I'm trying)....

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