Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Choir Olympics

Today we did Choir Olympics and it was super fun.  It is a great end of year activity.  I think the class loves it.  We don't do a lot of this, so its more special when we do it.  Here are some favorite events:

1. Fastest singer.  We do "super bubble gum" warm-up.
2. Highest
3. Lowest
4. Make Mr. Schneider laugh.
5. Stand stacking.  I loosen a metal stand so it is very flimsy.  Event is stacking as many music books on stand without falling over.
6. Chair spinning.  How many revolutions can you do in the piano chair without putting your feet down?
7. Chair stacking.  How fast can you unstack five chairs into a row and then stack them back up again?
8. Mystery karaoke.  Duet faces away from screen.  A senior chooses song for them to sing.

Lots of laughs.

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