Monday, June 11, 2018

Uke Day 1

I was transferred to the elementary school in my district.  There has been an emotional month as our high school program goes through many changes.  Obviously there is not much I can say here, but I think everyone can agree on there has been a lot of trauma and crying.  We just won Best Play this year and there is a lot of uncertainty about next year.

I need to learn how to teach elementary school.  We had been planning on spending some of our fundraiser money on the elementary school and we decided to buy 60 ukuleles.  One set for each school.

I do not yet know what I will teach, how I will teach, or why I will teach but I will use ukuleles.  Chris Russell has been a great friend and resource in getting me started.

I bought 60 Kala KA-15S Sopranos for $30 each (a deep discount).  I am hoping this can bridge my ensemble background to the general music world.  I am going to commit to practicing and I hope to chronicle some of that journey here.

Here is day 1

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