Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Does anyone understand Smartmusic? I'm hearing different things.

Is a practice room subscription tied to a device?

This is an email I got from a colleague:

My brother and I log into Netflix with the same login and password. We can even watch Netflix on two different computers at the same time. This couldn't happen with SmartMusic. If I was clever, my brother and I could share a SmartMusic subscription and log in with the same credentials. But this means we couldn't practice at the same time. If he goes up to his room and practices on his iPad, and I go to the basement and practice on the computer, one of us will get kicked off. What I love about it: I have one subscription. I use it on my work computer. When I get home, I use it on my home computer. When I get to my cello teachers house (who doesn't have smartmusic) I log in with MY credentials and show her the superman theme i wasn't supposed to be working on (she's not really a smartmusic user, but I still want to show off). I don't have to remember to de-authorize. Just like Netflix (except installed, not webbased). 

I was told by my Smartmusic rep that I would only be able to install a practice room subscription on one device.  I could not install it everywhere and just use the log-in.

So I wish I had two subscriptions I could install it on 20 machines, but only use it on two at a time.  This seems to be the "netflix" model.

And then I get an email today which says:

This version will allow access to any computer or iPad on which SmartMusic is installed