Thursday, August 29, 2013

Choir Lesson

For the first time I have two choirs that run back to back.  We have a 4 period block schedule (A/B days).  87 minute periods.

The first class is freshman choir.  I have about 26 students in that group.  The next group is "Senior" choir which has about 18.

This year I am going to use a textbook: Essential Musicianship.  I bought all three books.  I have planned on having the freshman group use Book One and the Senior group use Book Two.

I am curious to see how these groups develop.  Both groups probably have roughly equal talent.  It will come down to hard work to see which group progresses quicker.  One issue is getting combined rehearsal time if I want to combine the groups for concerts.

Each day I hope to spend about 20 minutes in the text doing warm-ups, voice builders and theory work, 20 minutes on solos and repertoire basics (like America the Beautiful, etc...), 10 minutes on writing, and 30 minutes on choir repertoire.  I'm hoping the structure will help.