Friday, August 23, 2013

Music Room iPad Workflow

This where I think I stand on my paperless journey.  I hope to be 95% paperless.  I've been about 70-85% paperless.  The biggest change is I am hoping that the sheet music folders and worksheets will be digital.

Two big issues I've faced:
1. We haven't had wifi at school all summer.  Still don't have it.  That's a bit of a roadblock.
2. I need students and an actual classes to test the workflow.  I don't want to create more work for myself by doing this.


In our google site I put listening assignments, forms, and any "archive" type of material.  It also holds our google calendar.  We are supposed to be going GAFE this fall, but I haven't heard anything about it yet.  If we do that I will be able to have that calendar shared a lot easier.

In Edmodo I am posting notes, assignments, and polls.  Students will be posting most of their writing assignments here.  I think I can put "worksheets" in here, have them done in the notability app, and then imported back to submit assignment.  Edmodo is new to me.

Smartmusic is not out yet for the iPad.  This is driving me crazy.  In Smartmusic we will do all of our benchmark assessments.  I have two laptops with Smartmusic installed, and am waiting to put it on two iPads.  Smartmusic records and grades the students and archives all the recordings.  We will also use Smartmusic in class for our sightreading and band exercise work.

I am putting our music folders in forscore.  The iPads will be shared across three ensembles so I am going to rely on the students to organize the folders as they see fit.  There seems to be no easy way to image this app with the metadata.  I am slowing filling my dropBox with our scanned music.  I am not sure I am doing the band naming procedure correct.  I put the band music in folders in dropbox, but once forscore imports it the folders disappear.  So I think I will name the files with "Piecename-part".

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