Saturday, August 10, 2013


I think I have decided to try going paperless in my freshman choir class as well.  20 iPads vs. 29 students.

I think we can share iPads for music viewing and students can use phones for Edmodo work.  I am very curious to see how Edmodo will work.  I will try to commit for a few months.

I think I will:

  • Have students create profiles in forscore so they can email .pdf home and keep track of their markings.  
  • I ordered 25 stylus.
  • I'm going to try and digitize my "worksheets" for theory work. 
  • I created folders for band music in dropbox and put parts inside folders.  I am not sure if this naming protocol will work.
  • I really, really, really need Smartmusic to get live on the iPad so I can test it.  I plan on designating two iPads as checkout iPads for students to take home for assessment work.  Hopefully that will encourage work.
When you are trying to digitize everything the big thing is naming protocol and organization.  I am pretty sure I will get this part wrong and regret something.