Monday, September 3, 2012

Things I'm Hopeful For

1. I have 24 freshman joining choir.  I hope they can sing in tune, sightread, and act.  If not, I hope they smile a lot and have fun.
2. I have 10 new band members.  I hope they can play and are willing to work.
3. I hope my music theory class can create new adventures.  Will it be the AP test?
4. I hope we continue to grow.  Are we ready to take a trip?
5. I hope students continue to help.  The program can only grow with their support.
6. Is this the year I go paperless?
7. I hope evernote makes my life simpler.
8. I want to learn how to play the bass this year and really start practicing my trombone again.
9. I have yet to choose any repertoire for choir.  I refuse to do so until I hear them.  I'm hopeful this is an easy process and I pick the right tunes.