Saturday, September 8, 2012

Beginning of the Year

Some notes:

1. Band has 12 members (one is in schedule limbo).  Nine of these are new to hs band, and four are new to BAND.  We will be doing jazz tunes for the first few months.  I hope to have everyone doing basic improv, head charts, etc... by winter concert.

2. Choir has 36 members, 10 returners, which is a new record.  First rehearsal went well.  I went through all my warm-ups and did simple reading tests.  Freshman are 2/3 of the group.  I only have 3 boys and that will be a challenge with repertoire.  I think this group will take a big step forward this year.  Two years ago we had 12 kids in choir.

3. I tried to get digital folders out on the iPad using forscore.  Didn't work.  Dropbox wouldn't get through the filter.  It did before when I tested it....