Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paperless Band?

I'm going to try to go "paperless" in band.  As of today I have twelve members of band and enough iPads to be 1-1.  So, students will not get a paper folder of band music, they will get a digital folder.

Here is my work flow as of now:

1. Scan paper copies.  Upload to dropbox folder.
2. Using forscore app put files on iPads.
3. Use forscore to create versions, annotate, etc...
4. Students can email .pdf copies to themselves.
5. Each student will be assigned an iPad for that class.

At least thats my plan.

Possible hang-ups:

1. Will students prefer paper?  Paper is a bit bigger.
2. Will this encourage practice?
3. How to deal with situations like travel.  Do we bring the ipads to festival, or convert back to paper?

I am not sure how we will do this in choir.  I have more students than iPads in that class.  I might ask for volunteers, or maybe go two kids to an iPad.