Tuesday, September 18, 2012


September 19 update:

Choir: I have 34 kids in class, 24 are new to the program.  They are singing well.  We have started using Smartmusic every day in class to work on our reading.  I have started all four Italian songs that are part of the CMEA auditions.  Italian songs are a big change for 9th graders who don't quite understand that we sing in foreign languages.

Band: I have 13 in class, 5 are beginners on their instrument.  We have started the F and Bb scales and have been improvising arrangements each day.  I tried to go paperless and have all the music on the iPads, but I cant get through our school filter.  Working on it.

Theory: We finished the Chapter 1 of AP Book.  Students have been doing real well as they learn new vocabulary.  Some of the students have to do some heavy lifting to learn bass and treble notes and some other basics.