Thursday, August 2, 2012

140edu Reflection

I have returned from the 140edu conference in New York City.  This conference is led by Jeff Pulver who is generous to make it happen for $1.40 per educator.

Some reflections:
1. Everyone is on twitter.  This is becoming the default position.  There was little talk about facebook or google+.
2. It was really nice to meet f2f some of my internet colleagues including Dean Shareski, Steve Dembo, and Chris Lehmann.
3. There is a sense of moving from talk to action.  Stop talking about sites being blocked and do something about it.  We need to tell our stories better.
4.  It is really nice and powerful to be in the room with these people.
5. Everyone has an iPad or laptop open during the talks.
6. Paradigms in different schools are VERY different.  Some schools are very closed off, some are very open and innovative.
7.  I like the one room, ten minute per talk concept.

Some questions:
1. Teach for America (Im an alum) works hard to support moving alumni to be board members, legislators, administrators, etc... Does the edutwitter space have an effective/similar way to get people in positions of power?
2. Is twitter effective for this change?
3. How can we do this in our schools?

Bear with me, having trouble writing lately (stroke issues...).