Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spring Choir Repertoire

After much discussion with twitter colleagues I have solidified the Spring 2012 repertoire.  There is a lot here.

My choir:

  • 34 students, 8 boys.
  • Mostly 9th graders, mostly new singers.
  • This is my third year.  We went from 12 to 34 members this year.
My needs:
  • Songs to feature my boys.
  • I always split the time between solo, small grop, and large group.  
  • I need songs that develop voices.
  • I have an accompanist now, so I can stretch a bit.
  • We are recording an "album" in April.  So I have chosen some public domain.
So I decided to do a "best of" cycle.  I'm going to hit some historical highlights and some traditional choral repertoire.

Large Group:
  • Sing We and Chant It.  Renaissance favorite of mine.  This will definitely be a festival tune.  We will sing this SAB and SATB (small group)
  • Mozart's Dies Irae. Classical selection.  We will sing SAB, which I am usually against for classics.  This is a reach.
  • Shine On Me by Dillworth.  Gospel.  I really like this song.  Everyone can sing it.  We will use this to focus on diction discussions.
  • Beautiful Day by U2.  Closer, graduation song.  Rock/modern.  Vowels make this song harder than it looks.
  • Homeward Bound our flowy-choir-beautiful song.  Graduation potential.  We are singing SAB.
Small Group:
  • Guys and Dolls selections.  This is where I can focus on my guys.  Sit Down, Luck Be a Lady, the Fugue are cool guys songs.  I hope to kind of show choir these.
  • Motown acapella type (TBA)
  • Bist Du Bei Mir by JS Bach for our Baroque selection.
  • Lots of American songbook songs including Somethings Gotta Give, Always on My Mind, Nightingale in Berkley Square, etc...
We start Tuesday.  Can't wait.