Thursday, January 19, 2012

Midterm Exam

We just took our midterm exam.  This is what was on the exam:

Band: I have mostly beginning students who started on their instrument in September.

  • Scales: Bb, C, F, G concert.
  • Sightreading (at level .5)
  • Piece: Sawmill Creek (from Standard of Excellence Book One) for most, the more advanced kids played harder pieces.
  • D major scale
  • Sightreading (Level 1)
  • Piece: Caro Mio Ben
  • Reading for understanding
  • Harmonic Analysis (I give SATB, they provide roman numerals)
  • Melodic Harmonization (I give roman numerals, they provide SATB)
  • Analysis of piece (chord 1 is a E minor in 2nd inversion, etc...)
Overall this was a very good exam.  Plenty of students showed me quality work.  Most, if not all, realized they can work harder.