Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dean Shareski is our audience.

We spent a good amount of time evaluating Dean's Guitar Project.  Our students evaluated Dean's playing and created short lessons to send back to him via youTube. This is part of our curriculum that students will be able to evaluate performances and be able to have intelligent conversations about music.

Click link to find out how Dean responded to the project.

Finding what to say next was a challenge for them.  As part of this project Dean Shareski prepared a short video for us to play at our winter concert and two of our students performed the Canadian rock anthem Heart of Gold which Dean had been working on.

I have decided to bridge that experience into a unit on recording.  Morgan, a 12th grader, and Austin, a 11th grader have begun recording in our new recording studio (a computer with protools and a good microphone).  We also will be creating a music video.

We have an audience and we intend to use it.  Creating a project that mixes the national music standards with the 21st century standards can be a challenge, but I think this may be a project that hits just about all of the curriculum standards.

The interesting thing is we had no idea that we would do this project.  Sometimes an opportunity arises and you go for it.

Here is the unmixed, rhythm guitar and vocal draft version so you can get an idea.  I hope to have mixed version by Friday and music video in two weeks.

HeartofGold draft by Brandt Schneider