Tuesday, January 10, 2012

iPads in the Symphony Orchestra

iAlchemy has been delivered!

iAlchemy was commissioned by Seymour High School and the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra and is supported by the Valley Community Foundation, Timex, and Naugatuck Saving Bank.

Our composer is Doug O'Grady who is Assistant Professor of Music at Western Connecticut State University.  The concert is May 12.

The idea of this project is:
1. Create opportunities for students at Seymour High School.  Provide them with mentors and an authentic experience.  We will have extensive visits from WSO and WCSU musicians.
2. Create the first true piece for orchestra that uses the iPad.  Explore the iPad as an instrument.
3. Create and solidify the partnership between WCSU, SHS, and WSO.
4. Show students and the orchestra that authentic, modern music is happening and its happening in Connecticut.

We have a lot of work to do.  Doug passed it to me.  I have promised we will do his piece justice.  Spreading the word would be helpful.  We think this is pretty cool in many ways.