Friday, December 30, 2011

What Apps Should I Get for my iPad?

Many of my colleagues are writing app lists  and I had been planning on tackling a new list.  I get an email just about every day---"I just got the iPad, what should I download".  A list always leaves out stuff, and I am definitely not using the more technical music apps.

So, here it is:

  • Moments Ago.  Every teacher should download this app right now.  Got more parental feedback from this app than any other thing I've done in twenty years of teaching.
  • Twitter
  • Google.  Search, google googles, voice search, all the apps.  And it works.  I used this on Tuesday to enter live results at a track meet I was clerking.  
  • Netflix and PBS access to quality video content has changed how I operate in the classroom.  Having the ability to have a class of fifteen watch their own video is awesome.  Netflix has a TON of great music.  
  • Time Machine.  Super Awesome.
  • Flipboard Where I do most of my reading.
  • Planbook  Works pretty well (not completely sold...).  I hadn't used a planbook for years, but my stroke has forced me to write everything down.  Syncs between laptop and iPad.
  • Morris Lessmore Completely and utterly amazing.  Will change your view of eBooks.  
  • ShowMe Easy to use video/audio recorder.
  • Skitch  So fluid.  Easy to use photo editor.
  • SportsCam  great for coaches.  Also using in voice class.
  • Garageband.  Used daily.
  • MadPad.  Really cool video composition tool. 
  • Six Strings.  Great guitar/strings app.
  • Verbally.  Amazing special ed app. 
  • Book Creator  My three year old can make eBooks with this app.
  • Evernote.
I didn't add everything.  This is a basic list.  Have fun.