Friday, December 16, 2011

Skype with My Mom

145 We had our concert last night.  It was an interesting night.  We had an ambulance call in the middle of the show.  Everyone is fine.

I always like to do "B" concerts the next day.  The music always seems to be better.  I always try to find someone to perform for.  Since my mom can't get to all the performances, I thought it would be cool to have her be the audience via Skype.  We set a call for 8:00am this morning.

We blocked it out at around 7:40 and then relaxed for a bit.  At around 7:55am we got the call.  Places!

Connection issues....  I can imagine my mom scrambling to try to fix it.  About twenty minutes of back and forth.

Finally we hear "hello"?  Places!  Everyone scrambles!

And we sang great!  Everyone was so focussed and wanted to so good for her.  We should do this every day.