Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Integrating Technology into a School Concert

Here is how technology will be integrated into the Seymour High School concert on December 15.

1. I put all songs we are performing on our website.  I used noteflight to put some parts in for practice.
2. We use smartmusic as a play-along in band rehearsal (I have an 8 member band) which helps A LOT.  We also use it as an assessment tool.
3. We record music using soundcloud and post it on iTunes.
4. We have been doing long-distance teaching with Dean Shareski, the educational speaker, who will record a greeting for the audience that we will play during the concert.
5. Students will perform I'm Yours using the iPad app Six Strings.
6. Students will compose and perform compositions using Garageband, MadPad, and VoiceJam.
7. We will evaluate our performance using Google Docs.

I think in each concert we hit all 9 national standards.  Every band member will sing in our finale.  We sing in three languages.  We sing the oldest thing I know.

I also think we hit most of the 21st Century Skills.