Friday, December 16, 2011

Concert Reflections

After each concert I have all my students fill out a reflection form to show evidence of learning the musical standard "Evaluating Musical Performances".  Its a pretty basic form and I teach that writing about music is important and it has its own language.  You need to write and talk like a musician.

Some comments for "What have you learned":

I learned there's nothing to be nervous about because everyone who goes there is to support you and the students in band/music theory/choir are about music. No reason to feel weird.

Preparing for the concert taught me that effort is a large part of success. When we first began practicing these songs, many of the students did not put the effort into learning the music so we did not sound our best. However, once everyone decided to work hard as a group we successfully made music.

I learned that we all have to work together as a team in order to be successful in a choir 

I learned that there's a big difference between singing in practice, and singing in a concert.

My favorite comment from one of my favorite freshman boys.  Question: "What special qualities do YOU bring to the SHS music department"

I brought happiness and Cheer because it was a joyful concert. I'm valuable because I'm am a very open singer and connect to the audience.