Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring 2011 Repertoire

Here is what I am planning for Spring 2011. This is my second year at this program. View past programs here.

4th/5th Grade Band: When I combine two schools for the spring concert this is about 75 children.
This is WAY more music than last year. My fifth graders basically read through each piece the first time. Fourth graders will be able to tackle it once I combine the bands. We are way ahead of last year.

HS Choir. This is 13 girls and 1 boy. Only three of them are experienced choir members. We will add 10 kids from music theory for the Somebody to Love finale. We sing acapella because I cant really play piano and we can't afford an accompanist.
  • Mouse Madrigal by Steven Porter. Cute song. This is our "safe" song for festival.
  • Lift Thine Eyes by Mendellsohn. Definite festival song.
  • Somebody to Love arranged Roger Emerson. This will be our finale.
  • Sisters by Walker. Much harder. I'm not sure we have enough bodies for this.
  • Hey You (Jack's Valentine) by Libby Larson. This is really funky. I haven't heard any other groups do this.
  • assorted Frank Sinatra songs as solos
HS Band. I'm having a lot of trouble with this group so I'm not sure what we are going to do. The music theory class has the iPad ensemble and I will probably combine some of the band members with the iPad ensemble. I need to commit to some songs soon and cut some kids who aren't working loose. This will be very cool, I just have to figure out who in the band will work and join the successful group in the theory class. The theory class will perform as the SHS Band at the festival.