Thursday, March 10, 2011

Garageband, iPads, and the Music Classroom

Garageband came out this afternoon. The downloading has been fast and furious. Any product that can get lots of twitter shouts has to have people excited.

I got these iPads and macBook in September. I havent really used garageband on the mac. I started to play around with it and just didn't have the patience. I know that people love it. But I couldn't figure out how to use it in class because I couldn't pass my macBook around.

This is exactly the point of mobile computing. Put the software in the hands of many kids and allow them to use it anywhere. I downloaded garageband this afternoon. First impression is that this is awesome. A killer app. First, the instruments are far superior to the other instrument apps. And they have added recording and scale capabilities. I was easily able to create loops and record my own voice/instrument. I walked around composing, listening, editing. You can pick up and compose anywhere (on bus, train, at breakfast...) which is huge.

Is this the pivot point for the iPad consumption vs. creation debate? I think iMovie and iPad2 will blow that wide open.

Now, remember, I haven't used the desktop version. So I have nothing to compare it too. But I see limitless possibilities in class.