Sunday, March 13, 2011

All-State Auditions

Been wondering about this. I think all of our states believe in high-stakes testing--the All-State audition.

In my state (CT) about 50% of the students selected for all-state come from the top 5% wealthy districts. The bottom classification (about 50% of the population) gets about 2% of the selections. Selection to all state, like standardized tests is almost all directly related to district/family income. Yes, of course there are exceptions.

All Eastern uses a formula for selection. Pennsylvania gets 15% of the students, Deleware 4%, etc... So this is a system that people believe in.

Do any states do something similar with their All-State, where the number of selections is directly related to your population? In Connecticut this would mean Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven would get about 1/2 the slots.

I just think we are excluding so many kids. I hope I explained this well enough. Would love to hear your thoughts.