Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3 performance expectations


  1. Memorize Latin Songs. Ensure accurate notes, rhythm, diction (use iPads, piano, partner singing)
  2. Know all pitches bass and treble clef (, piano practice, choir music, worksheets).
  3. Perform one Italian song (use iPads, partner singing, Smartmusic). All the accompaniments are in the iPad.
  4. Sing/record Major scale (iPads, partner). Email a perfect version to me. Put your name and date as the name of the file (ginarscaleNov3).
  5. Sight read basic melody using solfeg (worksheets, partner practice)
  6. Play/Sing Jolly Tune on Piano/iPad (iPads, piano). Advanced play/sing Jingle Bells. Record, playback, improve.
  7. Learn solo to Tango (listen to recording, piano).

Choir Extra:

  1. Adapt Bonse Aba dance for our arrangement (ending is different). Should we adapt song or the dance?
  2. Sing ANY song in smartmusic and play back for class
  3. Create a 60 second video-tv spot about choir or the iPads.


  1. Learn Banner, Sweet Dreams, One Fine, Lollipop, SentJourney for Tuesday.


  1. Play Jingle Bells melody in key of C and key of F on piano.
  2. Play correct arrangement (both hands) of Jingle Bells
  3. Complete and understand all worksheets/vocabulary. Review, listen, watch. Confused? Google something, watch a youtube video, ask a partner.
  4. Be able to harmonize I-vi-ii-V7-I harmonic movement. (pencil, piano, iPads, noteflight). Play on piano. Sing parts. Practice, practice, practice.
  5. Recognize chords, major scales and all pitches (
  6. Listen to Bach Inventions. Choose one to listen to on iPad and then download parts to read in forscore app. Why did Bach write these?
  7. Play Jingle Bells melody on guitar. Guitar players play/arrange/sing Jingle Bells in key of A, E or D (which works best for your voice?).


  1. Continue testing in Smartmusic
  2. Be able to play all assigned Pep Band songs.
  3. Know the concert Bb and concert F major scale exercises in Red book (p42). Percussion know both snare and mallet sides.
  4. Play p45 rhythm studies.
  5. Learn Beethoven Ninth and GForce5
A few notes:
Band: almost all 2nd year players.
Choir: 1/2 are freshman. Most are 2nd-3rd year singers. Almost all could not read when they entered in September.
Theory: these are all non-ensemble students who have limited, or no theory background. We started at ground zero (this is the treble clef)