Thursday, November 18, 2010

More iPad Apps

Some more iPad apps I have discovered:

Aweditorium: Really kind of cool. Displays a huge panorama of pictures. Click on the picture and it goes to music and information about the artist. Great way to show the enormity of the music business and to find some cool new stuff.

Air Hockey: My daughter loves this. Great way to kill some time AND work on small motor control.

NPR: They did a revamp of their app. Pretty easy to scroll and find latest news. Love that they feature music so prominently. Nobody else does that. Check out the Nick Lowe tiny desk concert. Great songs!

Pulse: A way to scroll through a lot of news feeds. This is a very popular app and I have to figure out how to use it better. Right now its just too much information.

Puppet Pals: This is a really cool way to do story time and animation. Everyone loves doing this. You can create really cool movies just by talking and dragging your finger. Would be better if you could export the movies.

Handyman: A complete digital copy of the magazine. Pretty neat, but not interactive.

Livestream: Watch Livestream events right on the iPad. Been working on this.