Friday, September 24, 2010

iPad day 2

So here is what I have done so far:

1. I expect the iPad and macBook to be reconfigured next week. So I haven't done anything permanent, spent any $ on apps, etc...
2. I was able to migrate my home iTunes folder to the macbook and iPad by enabling Home Sharing. It took about 90 minutes to move about 10GB of songs over. I was very happy about this.
3. In choir I was able to use the iPad and the macBook as a playback device using iTunes as students practiced their Italian songs. This worked really well. Everyone was engaged.
4. In theory we used to practice our key signatures. It works really well on the iPad. Students also used the Virtuoso Piano to practice their major scales. They rotated from the digital to the real piano and guitar. I am excited to see what the 1-1 environment will look like.
5. My Mom Skyped into the classroom to test the connection. It worked really well. She is going to take my elementary percussion class via Skype. I hope to call her often and have her watch class. A student said "If I'm absent I could call in!!" Yes, you can!
6. Twitter and Netflix currently blocked on iPad. I will work on the filter issues.
7. Currently waiting on shipment from Soundtree (TV, Sound System, Computer, Mixer) and an iPad cart from Spectrum Furniture.