Monday, September 13, 2010

The start of the year

Well, the iPads aren't here yet but they should be here today. They have to be set-up and I hope to have them in class by the end of the week. What should I do first?

So far the beginning of the year has gone pretty well:

HS Band: 8 kids. Almost all my beginners last year came back. This is the core group we hope to build around. This is also the Pep Band. We will have to push to get that ready as the music is just a little beyond them.

HS Choir: There were a lot of scheduling issues with this group but I am stable at fifteen. One boy again. The group has been positive. We are working on our Italian songs and the basic theory vocabulary. Many students had no (zero--nada) correct on the first theory CFA. Lots of work to do.

AP Theory: Well, this isn't AP Theory but I'm doing it anyway. We are pretty much through with Chapter One where we establish basic vocabulary. There are some musicians in the group which is helpful, but none have ensemble experience. They have been positive.

Elementary Band: I have completed sign-ups (which are way, way up) and first rehearsal at one school. The returning players did very well in rehearsal. We are at roughly #45 in the red book. Last years 5th graders were at about #13 when I took over. So I am happy about that. I head to the other school today.

Other: I got up to 350 twitter followers. I got asked to be in the leadership committee for the site. I have a lecture on technology at UConn in two weeks.

Plenty to do....