Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Using the iPad for Assessment in Music Class

Yesterday we started an assessment bunch in choir class.  This will continue tomorrow.  This is a class of mostly freshman.  This is a challenging group of social drama.  Days like this when a million things are going on can be crazy.  It worked OK yesterday.

Sample Student Work

Three groups:

1. Each student gets 15 minutes to record themselves singing one of our five solo songs we are studying (On My Own, Its a Grand Night, etc...).  Two iPads are in the room.  One on a Griffin stand facing them (recorder) and another one with iTunes set up with the accompaniment (player).  I hope to sit with each student to analyze their performance.  The video does not lie...

2. The second group used garageband to record "I'm Yours".  Earlier we had taken a class where students had used the Six Strings app to accompany themselves while they sing.  This is not a skill normally done in choir.  Today I demonstrated for ten minutes how to lay down a bass, guitar, drum, and vocal track.  Some of the student work was amazing and sounds like a professional recording.  However, most students DID NOT keep time with the accompaniment and got ahead.  We will re-do.  This assignment works really, really well for teaching theory.

3. The third group worked in groups of five at a table to learn a "Girls Garden" which is one of our songs for the Spring.  I am trying to "teach" practicing.  They sang along with the youTube tapes.  The groups worked well together and "knew" the song by the end of the period.