Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hip Hop 8 Bar Lesson

I spent the last ten minutes of the last class explaining the 4 bar rhyme assignment.  I started the drum beat (its an app...) and gave some examples -- "My name is Jake, and I like to eat cake...".  I also emphasized they would turn in their rhymes using their Evernote folder.

Today as they walked in I had the drum beat playing and prompted them with a "you ready?" as they walked in.  As the bell rang I walked around class.  After two minutes I asked everyone to stand and form a circle.  I went over the rules of the game:

1. We support each other.
2. We try.

I then took the first turn and passed it to the next student.  In the first class there were some students who really prepared some good lyrics.  Second class, not so much.

Next I asked them to create a soundcloud account.  I explained that we will be publishing our music (this is the performing arts!!).

Finally I modeled creating and recording a drum and vocal track in Garageband, which can upload directly to soundcloud.  I demonstrated how to change the tempo, how to change instruments, and how to save and name the file.  Then I let them get started.

Some things that went well:
1. Students were supportive.  They tried.
2. I was able to introduce a lot of musical vocabulary (measures, bars, tempo, etc...).
3. We were able to set up Evernote and Soundcloud.  Much of these first few days is just to iron the kinks out.

Some things that did not go well:
1. One class came in completely unprepared.  I have to give them some freedom, yet I have to insist that they come prepared.
2. A few boys, don't seem to want to do ANY work.