Sunday, September 4, 2011

Teacher Software: PlanBook

This is not a full review but I have found a lesson plan app called Planbook.  It has a desktop component, a public web component, and an iPad app.  I spent $30 for the desktop and $10 for the app.

The interface takes a little time to figure out but it runs smoothly after that.  The app syncs to the iPad by saving the file in Dropbox.  I am not sure how this will work in real time but it moved pretty quickly once I got it set up.  You can attach standards, attachments, and customize various boxes.  You can also drag and drop one lesson to the next.

I am getting this program to help me stay organized.  My stroke really hurts my planning and having a list in front of me should help.  Also we are going to 90 minute periods and I really need to divide the class into sections.