Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I just had my goal meeting with my administrator.  We spent a lot of time hashing out a goal.  We didn't get there.

He asked what issues I saw.  I replied "there is no expectation of excellence".  Now, there is an "expectation of good", but I know what excellence looks like.  We aren't there yet.

Now, we have come so very, very far in the two years I have been here.  We have more students, equipment, funds, energy, etc... I have great kids and they are doing good.  But they know they aren't pushing themselves.

So we are not expected to be excellent yet.  When you walk into many music rooms across this state (Pomperaug, Farmington, Bridgeport Central, etc...) there is that expectation.

I want the school community to expect that excellence.

How do you create that?